Isaiah 55: 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. 

In February of 2004, we moved into our new home in Apple Valley CA.  We purchased the house while we were still living in Las Vegas NV.  The house was 3-bedroom two bath on ½ acre of land.  We each had our own room. We each painted each of our rooms in the color we liked best.  I tried to build a fourth bedroom with a third bathroom. By 2007, the fourth room had passed each inspection and was ready to put up drywall.   We considered this our house that we may raise our children and grow old in.  We had chickens, rabbits, turtles, dogs, cats, snakes, pigeons, and rats.  We had our own little farm. 
       It is Christmas 2007, we just finished Bible study at our house in Apple Valley. I was walking our guest to their car and look up at the moon.   I had never seen anything like it.  There was a full moon and there was a huge aura around the full moon.  It even appeared that this aura was preventing the clouds entering the aura.   I decided to take a picture of the moon with the aura.  I lay down on my back, so I could get the moon and the aura in the picture.   This is what came out after I took the picture.

    We took this picture of what appeared as an angel as a sign that the Lord was keeping his hand over us.  In June of 2008 the bank started the foreclosure of our house in Apple Valley.  When we had refinanced our house a year earlier, our loan officer told us that this was a temporary loan until he found a better loan that suited our needs.   A couple months later, this loan company went out of business and we were stuck on this bad loan.   The mortgage payment increased every six months until we could not afford it which was June of 2008.  Because of the economy crashing, the value of our house plummeted, and we were upside down on our mortgage.   What we owed was more than what the house was worth.  We pursued government programs that helped people get off bad loans.  We put God first, prayed if keeping the house was in his will that it would happen.  
        In November of 2008, God gave me a dream that things went terribly wrong at work, that I got in trouble and was let go.   I was a waiter at an Italian Restaurant. When I went to work that night, things went wrong just as I had dreamed.  The restaurant was busy; the cooks were about an hour behind in getting food out and my tables complained.   I was written up for the complaints.  The restaurant business was down, there was rumor they had to cut some employees and I was laid off two weeks later thus fulfilling my dream.   
       We were still able to keep the house for another 18 months while working with different government programs to save the house.  During this time, I had put numerous job applications in.   For every position, there were at least 100 people applying for that one position and out of that hundred, 25 percent of them had degrees as we learned from watching the news of Apple Valley, California.  The government programs couldn’t work with us unless I was working again.  Julia and I both enrolled in online School at University of Phoenix to improve our chances of getting jobs.  Julia had a dream from the Lord that we were with my brother Joe helping him with his child.   My brother had stayed with us in Apple Valley but moved to Kingman Arizona in summer of 2009 because of a relationship with his girlfriend. They had a child, which we had not seen yet.  I asked Julia “what would bring my brother back to Apple Valley especially now that he has a child”.  
       Well in March we lost the house and were given 30 days to move out.  We were given cash for keys which helped us move into another place.  Since my brother came to Kingman and he had found a job quickly, I decided it was time for us to move to Kingman. We put the Lord first, I knew God gives and takes away. and that he would keep his hand on us.  This reminded me of Julia’s dream but instead of my brother coming to Apple Valley, we moved to Kingman.   My brother and I found a house to rent.  We moved in together and we were helping my brother to take care of his son.  He was now separated from his girlfriend but had visiting rights to his child thus fulfilling my wife’s dream.
       We were looking for a church here in Kingman.  We had tried a few different churches and hadn’t come to a decision on which one.  I like KCC, but Julia wanted to try a couple more churches.  We decided to go to family camp with KCC.  We had a wonderful weekend at family camp at Dogtown Lake.  Everyone was going home Monday afternoon, but we decided to leave Monday morning because Julia and I were both going to School online and we had papers that were due Monday night.  As we were heading home about 72 miles outside of Kingman, our car broke down.  I had a trailer I had been pulling and my three children I had to think about as we were stranded.  We were in the middle of nowhere with little money and no way home.  Our cell phones had no signals and as we were arguing about what to do, a car pulls over to help us.  They were people from KCC.  They recognized our car and pulled over to help us.   They called the pastor who was still back at camp and informed him what had happened to us.    Another gentleman going from Texas to Riverside California also pulled over.  He said that the Lord put it on his heart to help us.  He was pulling a 67 Camaro.  He backs it off the trailer and put our car on his trailer.  He let me drive his 67 Camaro with Julia back to our house.   We offered him money for helping us out, but he told us no, that his only request is that we help someone out when we run across someone stranded as we were.   More people stop by from the church which took our trailer and my three children back to Kingman.  My car, trailer, children, wife and I were all back in Kingman AZ within the hour.   God had interceded for us.

   In March of 2012, I had two dreams from the Lord.  The dreams were basically one dream after another one morning in March.   I woke up early around 6:00 am from the first dream I was having.  I dreamed that I was standing up, Satan was attacking me several different times, but I kept putting the Lord first.  Then after several attempts, he finally left me alone.   This is the first dream.   I will talk about the second dream later. I want to explain how the first dream relates to events happening in my life.  I went to work that day and got a call that I had to move.  The owners of the house lost it to the bank and we had 30 days to move.  I received another call from the principal of White Cliffs, he told me that Alex was caught with alcohol and he stole it from Safeway.  We both worked full time and we both were working for our bachelors so we going to school full time.  We moved from Packard and Marshall to Nicole Ave and Tommy.   Three days after we moved in, we were called from the landlord telling us we had to move.  She just lost the house and it was going back to the bank in September.  We were told if we didn’t move and the house turned over to the bank, the bank only had to give us a 2-day notice to move out.  We were strapped for money because we just moved. We gave it to God, some members at the church prayed with us over it.  Someone bought the house in July who also wanted renters for the house.  So, we were able to stay. I got a call from summer school program my son was attending, they told me that Alex had left early. He had gone to Safeway and was busted a second time for stealing alcohol.  We had the church pray for over him as he spent time in juvenile hall.  We both started working for the school district as Special Ed Para-Educator which is a Special Ed Teacher assistant.  Julia and her son Alex got into a fight.  Alex called the cops; they gathered some information, arrested Julia thinking she was here illegally.  Once they verified she was a United States citizen, the cop made up his own charges in what he thought had happen.  Julia spent a week in Jail and lost her job.  She had to go in front of a jury.  The cops had taken pictures of the scene and told their side of it.  The Jury took the facts, the pictures that the cops took, and it didn’t correspond at all with what the cops told.  Julia was found innocent on all charges and case dismissed.  But the school district still would not give her job back. We were hurting financially now because it was just my income.  We prayed about it with members from our church.  Julia graduated with Bachelor from University of Phoenix in October; I graduated with Bachelor from University of Phoenix in November.  We put the Lord first and he met our financial needs.  We were planning on moving because we could not afford the house we were living in.  In May, I was at work, I was on Facebook.  I was reading about Tony Howell, a member of our church. Tony was part of my 12-step program I had been attending with four other guys since October of the previous year.  I read “pray for Tony because he just lost his wife and two sons in a car accident”.  I was devastated.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  I text a few people at church and I notice I had a voicemail on my phone.  I was thinking it had to be related to the gathering at the church for Tony that evening.  I played the voicemail and it was the police.  They arrested Alex.  He ditched alternative school and went with his friends to Smiths and was busted a third time for stealing alcohol.   I picked him up from the Harbor House and went to the church to give Tony support.  The police came the next morning and took him to Juvenile hall where he stayed for a month.  We prayed over Alex and put the Lord first.  I was working at Solo when I got a call from Catholic Charity.  They told me I didn’t get the job, that someone more qualified was picked.  I went home and told Julia which she in turn told me she got the job.  That threw me because the more qualified person was my wife.   She started her training with Catholic Charities. She went to Flagstaff, then Prescott.   I received a call from the High School.  I had an interview with the principal.  I was hired as teacher.  I would start as teacher August 1. I had been working as special para-educator until this point which is like a teacher’s helper. Now I was starting as teacher.  The people who lived next door were moving back to California, they offered to rent out their house for 110 dollars cheaper a month than what we were paying in this current house.  I remembered the dream I had a year and some months ago in March. I thought Satan is finally letting go and leaving us alone.  Julia had another training session in Phoenix.  I thought since I just got promoted to teacher, we were moving into another house that was more affordable and Julia was working on her new job that we all should go to Phoenix to celebrate.  Julia had a rent-a-car paid by her company.  The hotel also that was book ahead of time was also paid by her company.  While she attended her training, I would take the children to the water-park.  Alex and Travis were acting up so as punishment, they had to stay at the house while Julia, Priscilla and I headed to Phoenix. I was wrong about the dream being over. Satan wasn’t finished with us yet and we were in a head on collision at 65 miles an hour.
   Julia and my daughter Priscilla woke up in the hospital, neither knowing how they got there.  I on the other hand watched the accident happening like it was in slow motion.  I saw the white SUV as we rammed into it.  The front windshield just crunched to the point I could no longer see out of it. A piece from the middle of the ceiling popped out that I didn't’ even know it was there.  I look over at Julia, she was knocked out, and she was pinned under the steering wheel.  I look back; my daughter was lying back on the seat covered with blood.  She was also unconscious.  I didn’t realize I had been hurt at all.  I tried to get out assessing our situation when my ankle really started hurting.   So, I sat back down. I heard my phone ringing, so I looked for it on the front dashboard and retrieved it. I started to check who called when Alex my oldest son called. I answered and told him this wasn’t a good time for asking for anything.   We had just got into a car accident. I told him that Julia and Priscilla were in serious condition and were unconscious.  I also told him that I had broken my ankle.  I didn’t realize the full extent of the damage done to me until I was in the hospital.  When I realized the extent of damage done, I said to myself there is no god, how could he let this happen to us.  Then I remembered “the Bible Study which was called "The Amazing Book” which I just taught on at Cathy and Roger’s Bible study on Wednesday night.  I knew God was real, and then prayed that God would see me and my family through this ordeal. I had to go through three major operations. Before my third operation, I dreamed I died.  I told my sister who was there helping us out that I wasn't going to make it. She prayed over me.  After the third operation I woke up.  I was in the recovery room thinking wow God is good. A nurse came in after changing of shifts to introduce herself.  Her face turned pale like she saw a ghost.  I asked her "What's wrong".  She replied, "you're dead".  I asked her what she meant, she said she watched me die. I did not know what to say but the Holy Spirit gave me a response and I said, "nothing is impossible with the Lord".  A pastor and his friend came up to me who had visited me several times during the two weeks I have been in ICU.  They told me that I had died.  The doctor pronounced me dead.  They asked if they could pray over my dead body which the doctor said yes.   They went over to my dead body and as they were praying over me, my heart just started beating.  I am only here due to prayers.  After I got out of the hospital, I still had the broken ribs, the metal hip and metal ankle, I was in so much pain.  I started wondering why I prayed to God to keep me alive and started to pray please take me to be with you Lord.   My family and I put the Lord first, we started attending church again.  Julia, Priscilla, and I had doctor’s appointment in Phoenix.   We left the boys here because they were still in school.  When we returned from Phoenix, I called the boys to help us getting everything out of the car.  Only Travis came.  I asked him where Alex was, and he said Alex never came home.  So, I called Juvenile hall to see if he was locked up.  He was locked up and this time it was for fighting in school.  He spent another month in Juvenile hall.  Julia lost her job in October 16 because they could only hold her job for more than 90 days.  I lost my job as well on October 31 for the same reason.  We were still thankful and putting the Lord first.  My physical therapy stopped, and insurance dropped because the school district could no longer hold my position.   On December 21, Alex’s therapist came by on Saturday morning.  I talked with his therapist and my son Alex.  I told her and my son about the strange dream I had about having chest pains.  Her meeting with my son was over and She left.  I went in the kitchen, made myself a cappuccino, ate a couple of cookies and headed back out to the living room.  As I entered the living room, the pain in the chest became severe, I yelled to Alex to grab the coffee cup because I was going to drop it. I had my wife take me to the hospital where it was determined I had pulmonary embolism. I had blood clots in my lungs after the accident and now the blood clot were found again in my lungs.  After I came out of the hospital Julia read a scripture from JOB 5:19 “He will deliver thee in six troubles; Yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee.”  I told Julia about the dream and she told me she believed it goes all the way back to when I lost my job in 2008.  I started analyzing everything that happen to us since 2008 and made the statement “there is nothing else that Satan can do to us.”.   I talked to my sister and told her the statement I made “there is nothing else that Satan can do to us.”.   She told me she dreamed that I said the statement” there is nothing else Satan can do to us” and an evil man stuck his hand into my stomach and twisted it.  She told me not to say that because she feared what the evil man in her dream may do to me.  Julia’s plate in her leg broke. She had to go to surgery.  After the surgery, the pin in her leg irritated her muscle. She was having another surgery to remove the pin. I went to the doctors for a colonoscopy.  After the colonoscopy, they performed a cat-scan on my left hip. They determined I had a twisted colon.  A twisted colon is normally a simple operation I was told by the doctor. The doctor told me one is in and out the same day.  But the surgeon said he never saw anything like this before.  He showed me a picture of our insides.  He showed me how the colon goes through your stomach. He showed where it is attached to the spleen down into your abdomens. He told me the average person twist their colon down at the bottom of the stomach in the abdomen or right side of the stomach which is a simple operation.  My colon was twisted on the left side of the stomach where it is attached to the spleen.  He told me if I don’t have the operation and the spleen burst, it could be fatal.  While trying to fix my colon, he may have to remove the spleen which is now a major operation. He told me I probably will be in the hospital 5 to 6 days.  I went into the hospital May 14; the doctor found the twisted part of my spleen. He said it look like a balloon.  He said if for any reason I had taken a blow to the stomach, I would have died because this balloon part of the colon was very thin and would of burst spreading poison throughout my body.  The operation was a success but because being a major operation, my digestive system shut down.  He had a tube that went up through my nose into my stomach. I ate ice chips for about 5 days.  I was released on Monday. On Friday of the same week, I ate something that gave me nausea. I was up the whole night due to nausea. I took milk of Magnesia at 3::00 am. I drank a glass of milk, but the nausea didn't go away. I got up at 5:00 am and sat on the couch.  I started to throw-up, so I ran to the bathroom and upheaved until there was no longer anything in my stomach.  I looked down at the toilet and on the edge, it looked like blood. I looked at my feet and I was standing in a puddle of blood.  Both my legs were covered in blood. I looked at the white binder like girdle around my waist and it was solid red. Julia took me back to the hospital where I spent five more days with a tube up my nose and ice chips for my diet. My stomach bleed Saturday, until early Sunday morning.  My stomach finally stopped bleeding and the stomach started healing. 
A couple months later after I recovered, I was wanting to walk normal, so I decided to walk on the treadmill every day if possible until I started walking normal again.  I worked with my daughter walking on the treadmill.  after a couple of months, I was walking 45 minutes a day on the treadmill.  I did this three days in a row. After the third day, I could no longer walk. My brother had visited me and had to help me walk so I had him take me to the hospital.  The doctor took an x-ray of my left hip.  He told me that I broke it in four separate places. They hooked me up with an IV and was preparing me for operation.  They also performed a cat scan on my left hip.  After looking at the cat scan, they said they had never seen this before. My left hip was fine. The doctor proceeded to tell me how they implanted my metal hip. They must cut completely through the muscle on the left hip to install the metal hip. In rare cases, instead of muscle growing back, bone grows back where the muscle was supposed to be.  This scenario happened in my case.  The bone where the muscle should have been, that bone broke in four different places. A bone that wasn't even supposed to be there.  I had to go to Phoenix where they attempted to remove the extra bone. They exposed the left hip to radiation to prevent the bone growing back.  After recovery and three months of rehab, they did another cat-scan on my hip. The extra bone grew back, and I still do not walk right.  I no longer say “Satan can no longer do anything to us” but it is not the first dream that bothers me.  I know sooner or later as long as we put the Lord first, Satan will leave us alone.  It is the second dream that bothers me.  That morning in March after I woke up from the first dream, I went into the kitchen about 6:00 am at the house on Packard.  I open my Bible and started reading because the dream of Satan attacking me was bothering me.  I felt sleepiness overcome me and I went back to bed.  I dreamed that I was shopping with my family at a place like Wal-Mart.  I went to pay the cashier and she told me that this was the last time I could purchase something without showing proof of the sign of the beast.  That woke me right up. My wife Julia dreamed at the same time I was dreaming that in the sky was written the seven candidates are ready.  I interpret this is the seven angels are getting ready to blow the trumpets and the great tribulation will soon start. Over the last few years of recovery, my wife and I wrote a book called "The End of Times (Recognizing the Signs)”. Christians need to work together as one to help each other as we go through the great tribulation.   Let us remember Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  We have written a Book called "End of Times: Recognizing the Signs Interpreting the Book of Revelation" The book helps one to understand what to expect in the end times.  The Book has been published.  Check it out www.theburgerministry.com or www.royandjuliaburger.com 
Roy L Burger


Phillipians 4:11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therein to be content.

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